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Trpl-R - Dumpin' #aMercenaryFilm

Lee Ricks & Ché Uno also known as Trpl-R (Raw Rekonize Raw) from Toronto Canada, have been making underground charts since their debut as Trpl-R in 2014. Continuing with their latest release over an off kilter head banger produced by The Quarter Inch Kings, DUMPIN appeared on Insomniac Magazines top 10 underground hip hop charts coming in at #4 the week of its release and has made its way onto playlist's such as, Live From Headqcourterz hosted by the legendary Dj Premere on Shade 45EastNYRadio with Dj PF CuttinOfficial Crates Music & Guerilla Grooves Radio with Fred OnesSouthern Vangard Radio with Dj Jon Doe and more. Thanks to the support received, a video was arranged with and directed by one of Toronto's top seeded music video directors, Mercenary Productions. Enjoy the video and Dj Pack available via links below and wait for the coming Product of my Past Lp, produced and engineered by The Quarter Inch Kings.

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